Tacos with homademade corn tortillas from Bros Tacos

Bros. Tacos, Albany, NY

I am fighting nature right now. My natural instinct is to be overbearing and pushy in matters of love, but somewhere along the way I learned that most people don’t find such behavior endearing. So on Sunday this was me trying to act casual.

Best friend: Ok, don’t freak out, but I’ve decided to look at houses in Albany.

Me: (Heart thumping, flash to Wind Beneath my Wings montage of spontaneous girlfriend dinners and quick heart-felt cups of tea)
Oh, really, that’s cool.

Best Friend: We are going to open houses today.

Me: Oh. Do you want company? I know the neighborhoods and all.

I did good, right? Not too much pressure. No frantic promises of free babysitting if she buys the house next door. No midnight emails of cool houses that have just come on the market. No I was totally relaxed as we walked through a beautiful craftsman, and I only mentioned the walking path around Buckingham Pond three times.

But I couldn’t resist the secret weapon: I took them to Bros. Tacos for lunch.

Steak and shrimp burritos from Bros Tacos in Albany

You see, my friend and her husband moved to the area a few years ago and immediately fell for a big three-acre lot in the country. There were just a few things they didn’t consider at the time. First there was all that mowing. And second, no decent take out. They are curry-one-night-Pho-the-next kind of people. The pizza routine got old pretty quick.

So I waited until my friend had tromped through enough houses to be tired and hungry-grumpy. You know, the kind of mood where you would trade your left arm (or maybe just your house in the country) for a delicious plate of well-spiced food delivered in under 10 minutes for under $10 in a setting where you can indulge without stressing out about how your barely walking toddler is going to act. And then I sprung Bros Tacos on her.

Ten minutes later, her mouth full of grilled fish on a freshly made corn tortilla, she sighed, took a long pull off her sangria soda, looked at her husband and said, “See, honey, this is why we should move to Albany.”

sangria flavored soda

Thanks Bros. I owe you.

By the way, if you go, I recommend the tacos for eating in and the burritos for take out. I tried taking the tacos home one night and they were good, but the tortillas got a little mushy.

The burritos transport just fine. My favorite is the grilled shrimp burrito with habanero papaya salsa. Serious heat, crazy good. The grilled steak with salsa verde is also delicious.

Oh, and remember way back when I wrote a whole post about being a corn purist, boiling water and salt and all that bubble bunk. Well, I would be eating those words if I weren’t so busy eating this.

grilled corn with chili lime sauce

Yeah, being wrong can be so much fun. This is Bros’ grilled corn with lime, cotija cheese and chili powder. It is great now. Can’t wait to try it in corn season.

Everything is in the $6.50 to $7.50 range. The corn is $2.50.

They will sell you the homemade corn tortillas 12 for $3. Just call a couple of hours ahead of time and order them.

Bros Tacos is on the corner of Ontario and Morris St. in Albany.

(518) 935-1096
(518) 935-1098

Tues. – Sat. 11 am – 11 pm
Sunday 1 pm – 8 pm
Closed Mondays

homemade corn tortillas



Ooooh, this place looks irresistable! I'll have to try it soon; I've been looking for a cheap, casual place in Albany that reminds me of the honest-to-god Tex-Mex places in the Southwest, and this looks like it'd fit the bill perfectly! (Although Azteca's and Bombers will always have an Anglicized place in my heart!) Thanks!

I've been to Bros Tacos a bunch of times. The food is really fresh and the meat is grilled when you order it. You can hear the marinated carne asada hit the grill with a sizzle as the cook throws it on the grill. I also recommend the chili citrus marinated pork tacos with the onions cilantro and salsa roja with a squeeze of lime. Delicious! Oh and the baja fish tacos are great too.

Wow, with Steve's blog and reader comments mention Bros Taco rather frequently, I'd been eager to give 'em a try. That top pic just sealed the deal for me. This weekend, if not sooner!

If you're interested, there's this doodad for making taco shells in your microwave from regular tortillas. It's kinda awesome.


There's also a great barbeque place nearby.
Capitol Q Smokehouse

Look, this place makes great food. But, the service is simply terrible. Typically there are long waits and orders are slow. But, tonight, when we complained that our take-out order still wasn't ready 65 minutes after it had been placed and 30 minutes after we'd been told it would be ready, we were told to "f**k our order" and hung up on. Simply unacceptable. Will never go back.

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